About Marketing Online

A Guide to Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization


-  Having a business blog is not beneficial if you will not regularly generate as well as market sharable and original content to assist in proving relevance and as a result, rank the search engines.


-  Enable the search buttons present on your blog so that the readers can right away post your content in their social media accounts and then drive the visitors back to your website


-  Optimize your Google+ local pages in order to assist your business name, location, phone number and even the opening hours show up in the Google's local search results and Google Maps


-  Much the same with Google+ local, Yelp is a medium to post and complete information regarding your business. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRlO0JAyNPk to learn more about SEO. Most of all, it aids in feeding the Apple Maps with results from local businesses


-  Include the geo-specific keywords such as zip codes, neighborhood, city in your blog, website and even social media accounts for it to appear in the search results for these keywords


-  Don't only market your blog posts once. repurpose them as engaging quotes, questions, or images so as to create additional shares, views, as well as subject relativity


-  Acquiring backlinks from the influences as well as other industry-associated websites that have already established their credibility are remarkable for creating your own authority as well as drive more visits back to your website


-  Enable the Google Authorship to assist you in building your personal brand. By means of establishing yourself as a subject matter professional, you can now share your own content, create more shares as well as drive more visits to your website


-  Since the positive reviews would rank high in the search engine results, create positive reviews that have high rankings so as to assist in persuading the consumers to choose your business over the others


-  Once you have acquired positive reviews, advertise them on your website as well as social media accounts so that the consumers who look for your business in the local directories or social sites see the positive things about what other say regarding your business. Learn about Minyona Marketing ere!


Social media


-  Think review, and then review again before you make any posts or comments in your social media. The ability to take screenshots so easily will make it seem hard to take back a mistake you did in the social media


-  And since your Minyona SEO workers will also represent your brand, both in online and in person, implement a social media policy that will at least allow them to share internal information.